What Does ASSB Offer

Learning theory is good but with practical experience it is even better.

Internship Program

This internship program offered by Airfoil Services Sdn Bhd, is an excellent way to get to know Airfoil Services Sdn Bhd from the inside and immerse yourself in our MRO aviation business. An internship opens up a world of opportunity and perspectives which can be the first step in a long-term career.

This will help you decide if your potential career is right for you. You will get full day-to-day involvement in actual projects, selected to match your interests and abilities.

You will join a project team and work alongside with Airfoil Services Sdn Bhd employees who are all professionals in their fields. Their perspectives will contribute to your understanding of our business, its challenges and expectations.

A supervisor and mentor will support you directly throughout your internship to ensure you will get the most from the experience.

An internship generally lasts for three (3) to six (6) months and is open for interns undergoing diploma and degree levels. You will be evaluated on your capacity for analysis, decision-making and creating workable solutions, as well as your drive and enthusiasm, resilience and confidence.

You can apply for the Internship Program at any time as stated in your academic requirement. For diploma level, if you have successfully completed your Internship Program with us, you may be offered a placement in our Internal Training Centre (ITC) Program, which leads you to a career opportunity with us.

If you are interested, you may fill in the internship application form at https://www.airfoilservices.com/index.php/career/internship-programme

Internal Training Centre (ITC) Program

Competency skills are paramount importance in aviation industry. Airfoil Services Sdn Bhd is taking this aspect seriously by providing a structured program to go through all of our repair processes in ensuring the best quality control for our customers.

The program starts off with theoretical training in having the right mindset and exposure in aviation culture and way of working followed by on-job-training. Usually the program’s duration is averaging at four (4) to six (6) months depending on the trainee’s progress.

In this program you will be coached by an experienced mentor who will guide you through a specific repair process until you pass our competency skills assessment. You will be assessed in theoretical knowledge of document structure and referencing know-how on top of the hands on knowledge in performing the specific repair process by highly qualified and credible evaluator.

If you are a SPM holder or hold a certificate or diploma, you can apply for the ITC Program at any time.

If you are interested, you may fill in the job application form at https://www.airfoilservices.com/index.php/career/job-vacancies

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